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File permissions and ownership changes between Unix and Cygwin

I have been successful in using 'mkisofs' and
(from Joerg Schilling)to burn CDs using Cygwin. One
that is strange is the change in file permissions and

I used 'chown' to (recursively) change the entire
to be burned onto the CD so that the owner was
I verified that this change was right. The group
was 'None' and I left that alone. But, when I run
to create a raw image of the CD, I find (using
to mount the raw image) that the file ownership has
switched back to my Windows XP account name. The
CD is, of course, the same. Also the permissions on
CD are set to 'rwxrwxrwx' even though this was not the
case in the files on the hard disk.

I understand that this is something to do with
but I was wondering if there is a Cygwin trick that I
am missing. I would like burn disks so that they have
the right permissions and ownerships when used on a 
Unix/Linux machine. In particualar, I want 'r--r--r--'
for the permissions and 'root' for owner and group.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


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