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Re: vim under cygwin

Hi Igor.

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Luke Vanderfluit wrote:


I'm a vi user :-)

I recently started using cygwin, so forgive me if this is an obvious one.
I want to use vi under cygwin but I'm having trouble with terminal settings.

apparently these are the possible term settings.


However, none of these work right.
Can someone advise me on the term settings for windows XP/cygwin or
point me to an appropriate resource.

Just to clarify: if you use the default cmd.exe "console" window (i.e.,
the default Cygwin shortcut), then your TERM is "cygwin". If you use
rxvt or xterm, you'd use TERM="xterm", of course...

Thanks for your reply.
I'm using rxvt. I use the following in cygwin.bat:

bash --login -i -c 'rxvt -geometry 80x29 -sb -sl 10000 -bg Black -fg green -bd LightSeaGreen -fn Courier -font 7x15'

I've tried setting
term=builtin_xterm -> bad characters when using cursor, no backspace=delete to previous line as in vim set backspace=2, no info telling me which mode I'm in.
term=ansi, backspace=2 -> no mode info, backspace deletes but screen doesn't show deletions until next insert (annoying, not workable)

If there are any cygwin users on XP who have a nicely working vi, please let me know what your settings are.


Kind regards.

-- Luke

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