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RE: pager and virtual desktops

Eric Blake wrote:
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> According to Luke Vanderfluit on 12/19/2005 10:08 PM:
>> Hi.
>> My next question on cygwin is to do with pagers and virtual desktops.
>> On my regular linux boxes, I run virtual desktops using a pager to
>> switch between them. Is this possible under cygwin?
> Yes.  As has been pointed out on this list, anything in software is
> possible with enough time and money.  And in the case of this
> question, I believe the programs to do so already exist pre-compiled
> for cygwin.   
> Oh, you wanted more details - well, your question sounds like a
> windows manager (hint: X-related) question, so you should ask on the
> cygwin-xfree list, not here.  

Moving OT (sorry) ....

You might really want to look at a pure Windows solution.  MS  provides
a "Virtual Desktop Manager" Powertoy, e.g., at
NoNags lists several:
Though I don't know if any of them can be controlled with a pager ....

- Barry

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