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Re: Execute bit getting set on created files when it shouldn't

On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 12:53:29PM -0700, Don Peterson wrote:
>PS: I'd like to thank the cygwin developers and the Red Hat executives
>(past and present) who continue to support cygwin.  Life on Windows
>would be miserable without your work and dedication.

I appreciate your appreciation but, just to set the record straight, it
seems like there could be some misconception that Red Hat is funding
Cygwin development.  That is sporadically true (when a customer pays for
it) but Red Hat is not often the source for any Cygwin innovation or bug
fixes.  One person who works on Cygwin also works for Red Hat but, AFAIK,
her main job is to work on gdb, not Cygwin.  So, most Cygwin development
is a private activity not a funded one.

The only thing that Red Hat contributes to in a substantial way is the
system which holds the cygwin web site and distribution --  Appreciation for that is justified and that
appreciation should be shared among all of the communities (gcc, gdb,
binutils, bzip2, etc.) who share this system and its bandwidth.  Even
here, however, the majority of administration of this system is also
done by people who have no affiliation with Red Hat.


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