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NIS anyone?

I have not been able to find a Cygwin/NIS package. Does it exist?

In discussing distribution of Cygwin throughout the organization with a colleague we got to talking about how to best configure Cygwin for people who use laptops or otherwise do remote computing. We'd like to have an environment where user accounts are known on the various Windows boxes so that people can telnet/rsh/ssh into other peoples boxes however in order to do that one needs a proper login. The situation with mkpasswd command updating /etc/passwd, for example, is not very feasible in large domains with frequent additions and deletions and huge /etc/passwd files. I got to thinking that didn't we already address such issues of trying to replicate large and changing config files with NIS?!?

Now NIS is normally associated with just Unix domains and Cygwin runs on Windows but many shops are mixed shops with Windows, Unix and Linux on the same network.

In thinking about NIS I think it would be ideal if the user could compose a passwd file of say:

   $ mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd
   $ echo "+" >> /etc/passwd

IOW "Make an /etc/passwd (and other files: /etc/group, etc.) then tell the system to go to NIS for all of the domain user accounts". Additionally what if there were an ActiveDirectory module such that you could configure nsswitch.conf to say, essentially, go to ActiveDirectory first, failing that the Unix NIS server and failing that use the local files. This would be ideal, especially for people with laptops or who use VPN, etc.

Is there any plans on implementing NIS under Cygwin (even lacking an ActiveDirectory component)?
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