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Re: Please try a snapshot - final push for 1.5.19

> I played with this all day and I can't convince myself that it isn't a
> readline bug.  It seems like there is a situation where bash/readline
> unmasks SIGINT and potentially lets a stray CTRL-C in while the signal
> handler is still carefully dealing with signals, causing recursion and,
> eventually, an overflow of cygwin's signal stack.

Indeed it is a readline bug; Chet Ramey confirmed it:

However, he didn't mention whether it was fixed prior to or
after readline 5.1, which I am still in the middle of preparing
as an experimental package.  Nor did he mention directly
what the fix is, or I might have been able to prepare a
patched readline 5.0 with the fix.

> In any event, this isn't a regression and, unless I have an amazing
> insight sometime soon, I don't think there is any way to fix this
> in the cygwin DLL.

Agreed - cygwin shouldn't have to go to great lengths to
work around a program that mistakenly calls kill() from inside a
signal handler.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin readline maintainer

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