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chere problem with directories with single quote marks

Hey gang,

So I started having this little issue with chere, where every once in
a while the startup fails.  I go to the parent folder, and it works
just dandy.

I actually bothered to think about the problem today, and it has to do
with the way the folder name is quoted.  I use bash, and here's the
string in the chere script:

       SHELL_CMD="-l -c \\\"cd '%L'; exec $SHELL_EXE\\\""

As you can see, this is clearly "wrong" for folders with a
single-quote mark in them.

My local fix was just to edit the registry and change '%L' to "%L".
Obviously this affects the handling of this feature with folders that
have a double-quote mark in them, but as I only use single quotes
(e.g. "Debbie's Truck" or "Craig's List"), it Works For Me.  ;)

Maybe there's a way to get quoted strings out of Windows?  I really
don't know too much about the way this stuff works in Windows, so
couldn't give you a Real Answer, but wanted to flag this issue as I
didn't see this specific behavior discussed in the archives.

btw, thanks for doing this.  I always had some hack or another to get
this functionality but it was never truly what I wanted it to be.
Maybe this has been there forever, but I never knew about it 'til this
past fall (and I've been using Cygwin here and there since B19).


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