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Re: chere problem with directories with single quote marks

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According to Tom Plunket on 12/23/2005 11:48 PM:
>        SHELL_CMD="-l -c \\\"cd '%L'; exec $SHELL_EXE\\\""
> As you can see, this is clearly "wrong" for folders with a
> single-quote mark in them.
> My local fix was just to edit the registry and change '%L' to "%L".
> Obviously this affects the handling of this feature with folders that
> have a double-quote mark in them, but as I only use single quotes
> (e.g. "Debbie's Truck" or "Craig's List"), it Works For Me.  ;)

Window's allows ' but not " in filenames.  However, Windows also allows $
in filenames, so switching to double quotes would trade the problems with
' to problems with $.  And you need quoting, or spacing would be
corrupted.  Off the top of my head, I can only think of one way that might
preserve ', $, and spaces in the problematic %L when dumped literally into
a shell script, but I don't know if Windows SHELL_CMD can handle embedded
newlines.  In a normal shell window,

$ xargs -0 << 'EOF'
> a  '$b
a  '$b

the here-doc correctly preserved the input string.  So applying that to
the above problem, the registry entry MIGHT work (untested by me) if it is
written as:

SHELL_CMD="-l -c \\\"xargs -0 cd << 'EOF'\n%L\nEOF\nexec $SHELL_EXE\\\""

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