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Installation without network connection

Hi all,

My first message to the list... though I've used cygwin in the past. I searched for answers though I came up with nothing definitive. Seems like it should be a FAQ issue, but it wasn't there.

My situation is that I have a PC (WinXP), but it does not have any network connection (on purpose). So, I'd like to use my Linux system (from where I'm composing and sending this message) to grab an appropriate subset of the Cygwin DLL and utilities (at least enough to allow me to create my own custom automated backup procedures, using something along the lines of piping the output of find into a cpio command) and transfer them to the Windows PC for installation. I saw posts that alluded to downloading packages and burning them to a CD, which seems like a reasonable way to deal with it, but no particular specific information about how to do that (and the posts were several years old anyway).

I saw on the RedHat cygwin page some sort of instructions that seemed promising until they had several bold print lines added saying that parts of it don't work anymore and/or have been removed from public availability, but with nothing about how it should now be done.

So, can this still be accomplished? Is there some web page or other document that explains how it should be done? If not - can someone help me, and perhaps I can put together such a document? Perhaps it is trivially easy, and I'm making a mountain out of a molehill? Maybe if I could just find a mirror site and download a few things I'd be good to go? If so, what would be a minimum set of files to download (setup.exe, the cygwin.dll and enough packages to be able to have bash run 'find <something> | cpio -pd...').

Secondly, the system of interest (my WinXP box) already has cygwin installed (it has been there a while, and I no longer recall how I got it there), but it is a 1.3 version of the cygwin.dll, and it doesn't have cpio (it seems to have pretty much everything else I'd need), so can I just upgrade that, or should I uninstall it and start again from scratch? Perhaps all I really need to do is grab a cpio package and install that. But...

The perplexing thing about this is that there is a setup.exe (somewhere under C:\Windows\system32) that pops up a little window to tell me I should use the control panel to do upgrades when I run it from bash (typing setup.exe to a bash prompt). However there is nothing I can see in the start->control panel for cygwin, nor anything under add-remove programs associated with cygwin. So, I'm not really even sure if that setup.exe is the one associated with cygwin. Perhaps the method I used to install it way back when (potentially 3-4 years ago) did not involve the new modern techniques?

FWIW, running a uname -a from the bash prompt results in:

CYGWIN_NT-5.1 HARRISON 1.3.14(0.62/3/2) 2002-10-24 10:48 i686 unknown

Thanks for any help,
Greg Youngdahl

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