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Re: Installation without network connection

On Tue, Dec 27, 2005 at 11:43:02AM -0600, Greg Youngdahl wrote:
>       So, can this still be accomplished?  Is there some web page or other
> document that explains how it should be done?  If not - can someone help
> me, and perhaps I can put together such a document?  Perhaps it is
> trivially easy, and I'm making a mountain out of a molehill?  Maybe if I
> could just find a mirror site and download a few things I'd be good to
> go?  If so, what would be a minimum set of files to download (setup.exe,
> the cygwin.dll and enough packages to be able to  have bash run 'find
> <something> | cpio -pd...').

Untried, but should work:
Run setup.exe in "Download without Installing" mode, on a system with
no cygwin (workarounds exist if not possible), toggle the "View" to
Full, and select findutils and cpio packages (if they aren't by default).
(You may need to resize the window to see the package-name column.)
Then "Next" through to the end.  Burn your "Local Package Directory"
and everything under it to a CD, along with a copy of setup.exe, and
run it on your target machine.

>       Secondly, the system of interest (my WinXP box) already has cygwin
> installed (it has been there a while, and I no longer recall how I got
> it there), but it is a 1.3 version of the cygwin.dll, and it doesn't
> have cpio (it seems to have pretty much everything else I'd need), so
> can I just upgrade that, or should I uninstall it and start again from
> scratch?  Perhaps all I really need to do is grab a cpio package and
> install that.  But...

The current cpio is extremely likely to have been built with 1.5.x and
not be usable on 1.3.x.

> 	The perplexing thing about this is that there is a setup.exe 
> 	(somewhere under C:\Windows\system32) that pops up a little window to tell 
> me I should use the control panel to do upgrades when I run it from bash 
> (typing setup.exe to a bash prompt).  However there is nothing I can see 
> in the start->control panel for cygwin, nor anything under add-remove 
> programs associated with cygwin.  So, I'm not really even sure if that 
> setup.exe is the one associated with cygwin.  Perhaps the method I used 
> to install it way back when (potentially 3-4 years ago) did not involve 
> the new modern techniques?

Cygwin's setup.exe isn't automatically installed anywhere.  You can
run it directly by pointing your browser to
If you want it saved somewhere, you need to do that manually.

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