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Re: convert PDF to html

On Tue, Dec 27, 2005 at 04:28:27PM -0500, J. David Boyd wrote:
> Are there any utilities in Cygwin to convert PDF to html?
> We are print legacy word perfect documents to PDF files, but would
> like to convert them to html, preserving all layouts and embedded
> graphics, of course.

Of course.  And I want a pony.

If your company isn't set up to work with PDF internally, you can expect
to be disappointed with the results of "converting" PDF.

As for Cygwin,

$ apropos pdf | wc -l

A Cygwin package search is available at <>,
but you won't find anything specific to your needs.  You can try
pdftohtml <> which compiles out of the
box under Cygwin.  Alternatively, you can explore the market for various
PDF-related programs, Acrobat plugins, etc. with Google.

My own recommendation would be to re-author the documents and/or
investigate the extent to which a newer version of Wordperfect can read
your old files and output to HTML directly and in a manner that's



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