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Re: 2.510.2.2: bash won't open after install

Nick Low wrote:
> Turning on the echo does not yield any useful information in the
> command window.  I can now see the commands that are called by the
> batch file, but there is no information displayed between the line
> that now reads "bash --login -i --verbose --debug" and "pause".  I
> also tried just "bash --verbose --debug" and that yielded no
> information either.

Actually that is more information, bash is exiting before processing profile and
bashrc files.

> It is really two CPUs with Hyperthreading.  I am reading through the
> archives now to see if there is anything useful in them, but so far I
> have not come up with anything.

The other systems you tested, are they different (1 CPU, no hyper-threading)?
Do they have a different version of the installed bash? (i.e. run cygcheck -f


It's difficult to tell, but looking at what is different may be faster than
looking at strace output to find out what the problem is.

René Berber

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