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Request for fixes to

Greetings.  I'd appreciate it if the webmaster would
make two fixes to the page, at his/her
earliest convenience:

1.  Fix your author attribution for "smart questions" (i.e., the essay
"How to Ask Questions the Smart Way") to credit _both_ of that essay's
co-authors, instead of just Eric.

2.  Append a prominent notice saying something like "Please do NOT send
your Cygwin questions to Eric and Rick".

For context:  I'm co-author with Eric Raymond of the essay "How to Ask
Questions the Smart Way', linked from Cygwin's documentation Web pages
as it is from apparently many other projects' pages.  We're delighted
that it's been so popular, but we get a blizzard of personal help
requests from people playing inadequate attention, such as the guy
quoted below.

(Even if I wanted to give this guy free-of-charge consulting, I haven't
had much to do with MS-Windows since WfW 3.11 for Workgroups, so I guess
he's out of luck until he asks someone appropriate.  ;->  )

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From: João Carlos <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 14:24:19 -0200
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Subject: Cygwin

It is possible to make the installation of Cyguin with CD-Room?

How can I get or record the Compact Disc?

João Carlos Lopes Esteves
Calvo Coml. Importação e Exportação
Gerente Administrativo
Tel: 55 11 6942-6000 R: 224
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São Paulo - Brasil
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