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Re: Help:Can not edit crontab becuase of vi not found

lin q wrote:

> Hi Brian,
>   I attach the log from cygcheck.
>   I do not see anything obviously wrong as I am not familiar with it.
>   Since there are some personal data in it, please do not reply to the
> public email alias, I appreciate your help very much.

That's unfortunate, but please don't reply to me directly.  If you do
not want to use the public mailing list that is your choice, but that is
not an invitation to email me directly for private help.

This is your problem, most likely:

Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\awk.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\cat.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\cp.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\find.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\grep.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\ls.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\mv.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\rm.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\sed.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\sh.exe
Found: c:\mks6.1\mksnt\tar.exe

Whatever you have installed in "c:\mks6.1" is providing incompatible
versions of many tools.

Also, you have some other/older cygwin DLL on your system, because the
registry keys:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cygnus Solutions\CYGWIN.DLL setup\b15.0

...are not used by any current version of Cygwin, nor have they for
probably 7 years or so.


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