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Re: Is cygwin much slower on Core 2 Duo

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Nenad Antic (KI/EAB) wrote:
> I see some posts about cygwin being a bit slow on core duo processors.
> But for me things really are ridiculous.

lots of things are rediculous. like not reading the archives.

> I recently switched from an HP Compaq laptop (nc6000) with Pentium M 1.6
> GHz (Dothan) to another HP Compaq laptop (nx9420) with Core 2 Duo 1.8
> GHz (Merom) and I have noticed a significant slow down compared to when
> I used to run things on cygwin before.

the Dotham series is dual core? cool!

> Today I compiled PHP 5.2 with Apache 1.3.34. When installing I was at
> times wondering if it actually was working at all or not. It took 43
> minutes (!) from 'make install' to finish. By comparison when trying the
> same on the old laptop it took 8.5 minutes.

Have you tried using a virtual machine linux (like with Virtual PC 07 or

> Has anybody else experienced this serious slowdown with cygwin on Core 2
> Duo machines? My other "normal" windows apps work much faster compared
> to what they did on my old machine, so everything seems normal on that
> end. It's just on cygwin that now everything runs in slow motion.

BTW, is this Vista? please _dont_ tell me it Vista... if it is, turn OFF
UAC - it plays "f* you cygwin" (there is code to find cygwin in there
somewhere I swear!)

> Does anybody know of any diagnostics tools for the dual core?

Its called the "task" "manager" - select "bash.exe" (or whatever your
shell of choice is) and select "set Affinnity" - it'll show up if you're
really on a Dual-core machine.

> Any suggestions would be most welcome.
> /nenad

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