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Re: Is cygwin much slower on Core 2 Duo

Hmm... I don't quite know what to say. Some people are just inherently abusive.

morgan gangwere <0.fractalus <at>> writes:
> Nenad Antic (KI/EAB) wrote:
> > I see some posts about cygwin being a bit slow on core duo processors.
> > But for me things really are ridiculous.
> lots of things are rediculous. like not reading the archives.

I have read the archives. 
> > I recently switched from an HP Compaq laptop (nc6000) with Pentium M 1.6
> > GHz (Dothan) to another HP Compaq laptop (nx9420) with Core 2 Duo 1.8
> > GHz (Merom) and I have noticed a significant slow down compared to when
> > I used to run things on cygwin before.
> the Dotham series is dual core? cool!

No, the Dotham series is not dual core. 
> > Today I compiled PHP 5.2 with Apache 1.3.34. When installing I was at
> > times wondering if it actually was working at all or not. It took 43
> > minutes (!) from 'make install' to finish. By comparison when trying the
> > same on the old laptop it took 8.5 minutes.
> Have you tried using a virtual machine linux (like with Virtual PC 07 or
> something?)
> > Has anybody else experienced this serious slowdown with cygwin on Core 2
> > Duo machines? My other "normal" windows apps work much faster compared
> > to what they did on my old machine, so everything seems normal on that
> > end. It's just on cygwin that now everything runs in slow motion.
> BTW, is this Vista? please _dont_ tell me it Vista... if it is, turn OFF
> UAC - it plays "f* you cygwin" (there is code to find cygwin in there
> somewhere I swear!)

I should have mentioned that I'm running XP SP2 with all latest updates, on both

> > Does anybody know of any diagnostics tools for the dual core?
> Its called the "task" "manager" - select "bash.exe" (or whatever your
> shell of choice is) and select "set Affinnity" - it'll show up if you're
> really on a Dual-core machine.

Are you trying to be funny?
> > Any suggestions would be most welcome.
> > 
> > /nenad
> --
> Just a Thought
> Morgan Gangwere

I have tried to find information about this problem but have ended up short. I
have seen a lot of complaints lately on the mailing list about cygwin being
slow, more than I can remember ever before. Maybe this is all related.

I have used cygwin pretty much daily since its earliest days in the mid nineties
but never seen it behave like this before. The reason I'm suspecting the dual
core architecture is because that is the main difference between these two
machines. The rest of the programs I have pretty much just transferred from the
old laptop to the new one. 

Any help would be appreciated. If other people on the list are able to run Core
2 Duo systems without any problems at least I would know that it has nothing to
do with dual core hyper-threading issues. But I still need to find out why
suddenly cygwin is so much slower and actually crashes my computer several times
a week.


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