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Re: Is cygwin much slower on Core 2 Duo

nenad wrote:


> I have tried to find information about this problem but have ended up short. I
> have seen a lot of complaints lately on the mailing list about cygwin being
> slow, more than I can remember ever before. Maybe this is all related.
> I have used cygwin pretty much daily since its earliest days in the mid nineties
> but never seen it behave like this before. The reason I'm suspecting the dual
> core architecture is because that is the main difference between these two
> machines. The rest of the programs I have pretty much just transferred from the
> old laptop to the new one. 
> Any help would be appreciated. If other people on the list are able to run Core
> 2 Duo systems without any problems at least I would know that it has nothing to
> do with dual core hyper-threading issues. But I still need to find out why
> suddenly cygwin is so much slower and actually crashes my computer several times
> a week.

Cygwin cannot crash your computer.  It's a user-level program.  It doesn't
run in kernel mode.  If you're having problems with your computer crashing,
you need to look at things like bad drivers and buggy anti-virus, anti-
spyware, and other such programs that do have kernel-mode access.  You'll
be spinning your wheels if you spend much effort trying to resolve this kind
of problem using Cygwin.

FWIW, I've used Cygwin on a Dell 690 with 2 dual-core CPUs plus
hyper-threading since mid-January.  I don't see any problems doing so.

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Holliston, MA 01746


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