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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: brltty 3.8

Brian Dessent, le Wed 06 Jun 2007 02:42:50 -0700, a écrit :
> > Mmm, because for a blind person this is a very basic package?
> Perhaps, but that doesn't mean that most Cygwin users are blind.

Indeed, but as pointed out by DaveK2:

> Last I heard, setup.exe was not particularly friendly wrt screen readers
> (cf. package selection).

I can confirm that.

> Hence the visually impaired would have difficulty selecting brltty for
> installation.


> > Are packages from the Base category automatically installed?
> Yes, setup automatically selects everything in Base for installation,

Ah, I didn't know that, is that documented somewhere??

> Note that even if you select to uninstall a Base package in setup it
> will just get re-installed again the next time you run it; there's no
> way to override this.  Base really does mean the core set of packages
> that are unconditionally selected.

Just the same.

> > (Note that Ubuntu installs brltty by default too).
> Yes, and Windows installs accessibility features by default too.  But
> Cygwin is not an operating system and a package in Base is not an
> optional thing that a user can easily uninstall, so the comparison
> doesn't hold much weight in my opinion.


> - There's an executable xbrlapi.exe in the package which depends on X.
>   This is not noted in setup.hint.  However, No package in the Base
>   category should depend on X, so that X isn't pulled in by default.
>   Samuel, can you re-package brltty so that it comes in two packages,
>   one brltty package which could be in Base or Utils, and another
>   package called xbrlapi which is in X11 and Utils?

Well, xbrlapi is not useful by itself alone with X11, it is only useful
with other applications, so that building a separate package just for it
to pull the X11 dependency looked to me quite abusive, but I can still
do that.

> - cygbrlapi-0.5.dll depends on WS2_32.DLL.  Why?  Shouldn't the package
>   use Cygwin's socket functions?

That would make programming less easy.  Brltty can communicate with
other (potentially non-cygwin) applications with tcp/ip (remotely) or
local pipes (locally, more efficiently).  For keeping compatibility with
other applications for local pipes, windows pipes are used. Mixing
cygwin sockets and windows local pipes is not particularly fun, so
that's why we end up just using windows socket and
WaitForMultipleObjects() in a separate thread.

About the linux-utils, it was needed in previous brltty revisions, but
not any more, so I'll drop it.


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