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Re: cygwin1.dll building question

On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 09:30:22AM -0400, Olivier Langlois wrote:
>I wanted to add the function strcasestr() from glibc to the cygwin's libc
>and I have encountered a serie of difficulties and questions. Some of them
>are related to the process of offering changes to cygwin but I will reserve
>those for the other mailing list.
>1- I have modified a file to include the new c file to compile
>but I have never been able to regenerate the corresponding I
>have guessed that maybe I had to configure the project in the maintainer
>mode but I have never been able to make it work with the needed custom tools
>from RedHat. I have finally workaround problem #1 but editing manually the
> file. How are you supposed to regenerate the

You must be referring to newlib if you are talking about
newlib has its own mailing list newlib at sourceware PERIOD org .
You'll need to talk to the maintainer of newlib if you are adding a new
function there.

>3-The generated cygwin0.dll looks like an exact copy of cygwin1.dll. Does
>that dll has a special purpose or it is just a building artifact?

Please look at the Makefile.

>4-My generated libcygwin.a is 3.6MB vs 953KB for the one distributed with
>the cygwin binaries. Obviously, I did not build the same thing. Does someone
>have an idea about what would explain that difference?

The standard answer: debugging symbols.

>5-Doing 'make install' broke my cygwin setup (gcc was exiting without
>generating any output). Even reinstalling every cygwin components from
>setup.exe did not solve the problem. To fix that problem, I have to erase
>the 'cygwin' directory completely before reinstalling cygwin. To workaround
>that problem, instead of doing 'make install' I have just manually copied
>cygwin1.dll and libcygwin.a from the src package to the appropriate

Under windows, if you install over top of an in-use dll, you are asking
for problems.  You really do have to copy cygwin1.dll manually, using
windows commands.


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