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RE: directory listing differences

On 07 June 2007 16:46, Joseph Michaud wrote:

> One interesting tidbit is that if, from the bash shell, I invoke
> a Windows CMD shell, then that CMD shell similarly doesn't see the
> file.
> I conclude from this that somehow the bash shell doesn't have
> some appropriate privilege and that bash's children similarly
> lack this privilege, but I can't figure out why two files with
> seemingly similar permissions are different.

  To processes with different access tokens, "seemingly" similar permissions
aren't.  As a simple example, consider a file with "rwxr-x---" perms.  Your
access perms will be very different if you are logged in as the user who owns
the file compared with if you log in as a different user in the file's group
as compared to if you log in as another user who isn't in that group at
> I note that I see this problem on a Windows 2003 Compute Cluster Server
> domain controller head node (and its compute nodes) but not
> not on a Windows XP 64 laptop.  (Perhaps something with domain
> controller security policy is affecting this...)

  Almost certainly so.
> Any tips on what other info I can look for would help.

  Use Process Explorer to look at the tokens of the two different processes
(cmd launched by itself, cmd launched from bash) and see what's different.

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