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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: brltty 3.8

On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 12:08:59AM +0800, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>To the best of my knowledge, there is no "unixish" way in cygwin
>to access these pipes, so we just used CreateNamedPipe().

So don't use named pipes.

>As a result, we have a windows handle to deal with.  If we used the
>cygwin sockets for the TCP/IP connextions, we would end up with two
>types of sockets, which is hairy to handle.  Yes, we could use
>open_osfhandle() for converting the named pipe socket into a cygwin
>socket, but we still have to manage the windows connexion stuff, etc.
>Anyway, we already have the code using windows TCP/IP sockets and named
>pipes working correctly for the mingw32 port, and it _does_ work fine
>with cygwin too, so for maintainability reasons, it is useless to make
>the code more complex just for using cygwin functions.

Once again, I have to ask why whatever linux does in this scenario is
not adequate for Cygwin.  I am assuming that linux uses fifos.

>> You're now mentioning named pipes which adds another data point but if
>> brltty is working on linux then I don't see why it can't be using
>> linux-like techniques on cygwin, cygwin bugs notwithstanding.
>Because it has to communicate with other, non-cygwin, applications
>> You don't appear to be saying that you've stumbled over a cygwin bug.
>I'm not (except maybe "cygwin doesn't provide a way to connect to
>windows named pipes).

Yes, if you have a 3/8 inch wrench and want to tighten a 13mm nut, you
will have a hard time.  However, you could change wrenches.

>> >> Unless there is good reason, the cygwin distribution really is
>> >> supposed to be comprised of programs which use the linux API.
>> >
>> >But when talking about communicating with other applications, we need to
>> >use windows interfaces when the linux API doesn't permit it, shouldn't
>> >we?
>> Only if you can clearly communicate why the linux API doesn't work.
>I already said it in a previous mail: because it has to communicate with
>other, non-cygwin, applications.

Cygwin does routinely communicate with other non-cygwin applications.
It appears that you are assuming that Cygwin doesn't do whatever the
linux port does or that, if it does, it does not communicate with
windows applications.  It's possible that is the case but you seem to
just be assuming that and not providing any facts which support your


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