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Problem compiling with gpc and "Uses Crt" statement in crtc.c

I am using gpc to compile code which contains the statement "Uses
Crt".  I get over 600 error lines.  I am attaching the output of
cygcheck -s -v -r, along with the output that I am getting from my
compilation, as well as a test file that I have created which gives me
the same errors.

The command line that I am using is:

gpc --automake --unit-path=/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/3.4.4/units/ -g test.pas

I have also used:


in the unit-path. Both paths gave the same results.

Basically the problem seems to be an issue with compiling crtc.c.  The
constant PADSTAR is not defined in the given environment, and I have
not been able to locate it in my install of Cygwin.  I have the basic
install, plus some stuff that I installed in order to get this far
with my compilation.  You can see what is installed from my cygcheck
file.  I am not sure why crtc.c, which comes with the installation, is
having a problem with compilation.  Is there something that I am doing
wrong here?

I have Cygwin version: 1.5.24 installed on a machine running Windows
Server 2003.

Thanks for your help...

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