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Re: Memory leakage?

On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 10:16:41PM +0000, Mark Geisert wrote:
>Dave Korn writes:
>> On 10 June 2007 13:00, Edgar Matzinger wrote:
>> >   I wonder if there is a memory leakage problem with the current cygwin
>> > release. After upgrading to it, and trying to compile Gnome (using
>> > garnome), the memory usage keeps increasing. Even after I've stopped
>> > the building process, the memory isn't freed up. 
>>   How exactly are you measuring the memory usage of a process that no longer
>> exists, then?
>In my case I see it with Windows Task Manager, the PF Usage displays.  Memory 
>usage slowly increases over time, seemingly when there is lots of process 
>creation going on such as during large makes.  On my systems with paging turned 
>off, eventually all memory is consumed and things really go to hell.
>I've found an easy testcase.  Remember this bash script?
>#! /bin/bash
>while [[ ! -z $mypath ]]
>  mypath=$(pwd)
>  if [[ -z $mypath ]]
>  then
>    echo "Test failed.. Path is empty."
>  fi
>I run this for a while and see gradually increasing memory usage.  Even when 
>all Cygwin processes are subsequently exited, that memory is not released.  I 
>also recoded that script for ash and ksh and the same thing happens, so it's 
>not bash's problem.

...and if all Cygwin processes are subsequently exited then it isn't
Cygwin's fault either.  Let's not go down this path again.  Cygwin has
no magical powers to make Windows permanently use memory.  Look to
resident third-party software to perform this feat, not Cygwin.


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