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Problems adding new user account


After looking through your archives and trying out some recommendations,
I still cannot get Cygwin to recognize that I am a new user--still
cannot get it to create an account for me (even though I am logged into
my windows account when I am using it--it's all set up on the windows
side). I inherited my computer from a previous employee, and cywin came
installed, so it's set up to use all of his profiles and preferences. I
want my own account that I can customize and have permissions on.

I have tried "mkpasswd" to add my user name to the passwd file, which it
did, but it didn't change the fact that when I login it still begins in
his cygwin/home/olduser directory. 

How do I create my own directory within cygwin/home? If I change the
permissions on cywin/home from read only and manually add my own user
folder, will it work or break something else?

I am a newbie with cygwin, so please give full instructions.


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