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Re: Problems adding new user account

Bahrami, Haleh wrote:

After looking through your archives and trying out some recommendations,
I still cannot get Cygwin to recognize that I am a new user--still
cannot get it to create an account for me (even though I am logged into
my windows account when I am using it--it's all set up on the windows
side). I inherited my computer from a previous employee, and cywin came
installed, so it's set up to use all of his profiles and preferences. I
want my own account that I can customize and have permissions on.

I have tried "mkpasswd" to add my user name to the passwd file, which it
did, but it didn't change the fact that when I login it still begins in
his cygwin/home/olduser directory.

How do I create my own directory within cygwin/home? If I change the
permissions on cywin/home from read only and manually add my own user
folder, will it work or break something else?

I am a newbie with cygwin, so please give full instructions.

Edit '/etc/passwd' and change the home directory for your user to be the path you want. If that doesn't work, please read and follow the problem reporting guidelines found at the link below:


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