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Re: Some notes on building gcc-4.3.0

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Charles Wilson wrote:
> I was testing Danny Smith's latest DWARF-2 patch, and building gcc from
> the current (rather unsettled) trunk was a bit tricky.  So, I thought
> I'd post my experiences, which ultimately resulted in a fully
> bootstrapped native cygwin compiler, with c,c++,objc,fortran,java
> frontends.

Thanks for the update; I was going to ask about the progress on this.

> First, I had to massage the tree in the following ways (and I was using
> revision 125636):

Out of curiosity, have you done this with cygport yet?

> This made it all the way thru the three-stage bootstrap, and built most
> of the libraries.  However, the build failed in libjava, due to stack
> overflow in jc1.exe. After manually relinking cc1.exe and jc1.exe with
> 100MB of stack (-Wl,--stack,102400000) as recommended here:

Interesting.  I wonder if this would help with linking libsmokekde and
libkdejava, both of which fail during linking for the same reason.
Perhaps the other compilers should also be built with this flag for the
same reason (and binutils' ld as well)?

- From your notes, I gather that all libs are being built shared.  If so,
that's very good news, and I look forward to seeing this become readily

To that end, a few questions:

1) What progress is being made to get these patches included upstream?
2) How long before gcc-4.3 will be stabilized enough to be generally usable?
3) Could you and/or others working on this keep this list updated on
further progress?

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