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Running mysql as a service ...

Hello everyone,

I just spend some frunstrating hours on figuring out how to run a self-compiled cygwin mysql daemon as a service (win xp).

first of all:
using cygrunsrv.exe did not work for me, I do not know why, the problem is that there is no error log file for cygrunsrv or i am too stupid and did not found the log file

then i tried this:

C:\Programme\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -login -i -c "/usr/local/mysql/libexec/mysqlmanager.exe --run-as-service &"

this command opens up 3 console windows which are being closed immediately again and after this, the mysql-server runs in the background! it's not a very good solution because this is no real service but just a command which can be put into the Autostart folder ... and now we have got a problem when more than one real windows user is logged in ...

Does anyone know how to start the cygwin mysql server as a windows service ???

Would be very nice if somebody knew the trick ...

BTW: no its not an option to use the precompiled windows mysql binaries because i need the php postscript extension on windows which needs pslib. and pslib can only be compiled within cygwin, not mingw or native windows. and if pslib only works in a cygwin environment, then the postscript extension and php have to be built within cygwin. but a cygwin php cannot be linked against windows binaries and therefor i need a cygwin version of mysql, too :(

Thanks in advance, Tilman!
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