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1.5.24:network path names with @ sign (at sign)

ls command fails when network path contains @ sign

$ ls -l //server\@name/share/folder_name/
/bin/ls: cannot access //server\@name/share/folder_name/folder_name:
No such file or directory
total 0
?????????? ? ? ? ?            ? folder_name

this works:

touch //server\@name/share/folder_name/foo
ls -l //server\@name/share/folder_name/foo
cp //server\@name/share/folder_name/foo .
cd //server\@name/share/folder_name/
cd //server\@name/share/

these doesn't work: (with or without escaped @)

ls -l //server\@name/share/
ls -l //server\@name/share/folder_name
rsync //server\@name/share/folder_name/ dst_folder

Notice it worked correctly as of version 1.5.19 (and previous ones).
Both installations cygcheck output are attached. In this case
//server@zone_name is provided by PC MacLan 9.0 software for Classic
Apple Networking. Notice also that the error message duplicates the
last argument in path when it's a folder and *not* when it's a file

Best regards

PD: sorry for the missing attachments in the previous mail, hit the wrong button

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