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Re: zip could not handle files above 2GB?

Robert Pendell wrote:
Actually if the cygwin version of zip is based off of
info-zip then it is a known limitation of that library.  It
has a theoretical limit of 4GB for the zip filesize but
commonly had issues with accessing files beyond the 2GB mark.
This is documented on the info-zip website.  It can be
corrected as other applications have come up with ways to
allow zip files above and beyond the 4GB limit that 32-bit
code imposes.

This is true, but I do not plan to do any rewriting of Info-Zip's code; the web page there: explains a lot of the limitations and caveats with respect to large files.

OTOH, rumor has it that 7-zip supports large files, and better compression. (However, in a cygwin context it does not preserve permisions, so you have to use:
tar --with-compression-program=p7zip ....

To that end, please try:

(I'll post an ITP on the cygwin-apps list)


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