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RE: Permission denied (Ruby under Cygwin)

> > /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mysql-2.7.3-mswin32/ext $ 
> cygcheck
> > Error: could not find
> cygcheck is designed to check things on the PATH just as you would if
> you were invoking a command, so unless you have . in PATH it isn't
> expected to find anything in the PWD.

Hmmmm..... But I do have . in the PATH - at the very end:

$ echo $PATH

> You're mixing native win32 stuff with Cygwin stuff.  You're trying to
> load the module into a running copy of a Cygwin ruby but this module
> imports symbols from the other copy of ruby in in C:\ruby185\.  This
> means it probably expects data structures of the native 
> build, and most
> likely will crash or act with very unpredictable behavior when used
> elsewhere.  In general this kind of cross-polination is never a good
> idea.
> The *right* way to do it is to either stick to the win32 
> build (only) or
> to build all the components that you want to use as Cygwin modules.

I understand! Thank you for the explanation.


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