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Re: Permission denied (Ruby under Cygwin)

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> Ronald Fischer wrote:
> > I see that I am here still on experimental ground. Maybe the idea of
> > using mysql from within Cygwin-Ruby was really not so good in the
> > first place....
> Didn't we, at one time, have an experimental mysql package for Cygwin?
> Well maybe not a package but I believe there was a mysql monitor program
> that could at least talk to my running mysqld on my Linux box. I don't
> recall if there was ever an experimental mysqld for Cygwin. I also seem
> to recall Brian's name in that past conversation...
> I guess another question would be: If we don't have Cygwin packages for
> both mysql client and mysqld then why not (I can hear the "volunteers
> welcomed" from here...)

Well, Cygwin Ports has MySQL client and server packages so you can use
that if you want.

But in this case MySQL was a red herring, it wouldn't have made a
difference either way since the module itself was built against the
native Win32 ruby.  But of course having libmysqlclient-dev (or whatever
the package that contains development headers and import libs is named)
installed would be a prerequisite for properly rebuilding the module.


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