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Re: Some notes on building gcc-4.3.0

Brian Dessent wrote:

Does this mean that we'll start to libgcc_s.dll's sprouting like
mushrooms in the install dirs of various apps, or in *gasp*
%WINDIR%/system32 over the coming years?  Is this library versioned at
all?  What about conflicts?

You already see the effects of this in the Linux world, with the more recent distributions having to ship a set of compat_libgcc_blah packages for each major (ABI-incompatible) previous release going back (they're on 4.1/4.2 these days, and there's one for 3.3 and one for 2.9).

And most commercial/non-free software shipped on Linux (e.g. Oracle, Java, ..) just states explicitly which packages they depend on.

So if I may offer a blueprint going forwards:

* introduce a libgcc_something package containing the latest DLLs/.so's, and include it in the Base package.

* later, if these are ever incompatibly ABI-rev'ed, switch the default distribution to the new version, and introduce a compat-libgcc-* package for the old version (which preserves their filename), and include that in the Libs package.

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