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Re: Running mysql as a service ...

<>.  Thanks.

On Sat, 16 Jun 2007, "Tilman Schröder" wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I just spend some frunstrating hours on figuring out how to run a
> self-compiled cygwin mysql daemon as a service (win xp).
> first of all:
> using cygrunsrv.exe did not work for me, I do not know why, the problem
> is that there is no error log file for cygrunsrv or i am too stupid and
> did not found the log file

Check the Windows Event Log (under "My Computer"->"Manage", or whatever
the Deutsche equivalent is).

You did not tell us what command you are using to install mysql as service
(with cygrunsrv).  Also, you didn't provide the error you are getting from
cygrunsrv on the console (you must be getting something, even if it's
"service not started").

Another option is to install syslog-ng and run that as a service.  Then
all errors will be logged wherever you configure them to be (e.g., in

> then i tried this:
> C:\Programme\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -login -i -c "/usr/local/mysql/libexec/mysqlmanager.exe --run-as-service &"
> this command opens up 3 console windows which are being closed
> immediately again and after this, the mysql-server runs in the
> background!

The console windows are the consequence of the implicit -mconsole.  If you
compile with -mwindows instead, you'll lose the ability to display
messages on the console, so that's probably not a good option.

> it's not a very good solution because this is no real
> service but just a command which can be put into the Autostart folder
> ... and now we have got a problem when more than one real windows user
> is logged in ...
> Does anyone know how to start the cygwin mysql server as a windows
> service ???
> Would be very nice if somebody knew the trick ...

Sure -- use cygrunsrv.  Beyond that, you need to check various permissions
(cygrunsrv will run as SYSTEM), and make sure the paths are in order, etc
(e.g., c:\cygwin\bin needs to be in the PATH unless mysqld is in /bin).

> BTW: no its not an option to use the precompiled windows mysql binaries
> because i need the php postscript extension on windows which needs
> pslib. and pslib can only be compiled within cygwin, not mingw or native
> windows. and if pslib only works in a cygwin environment, then the
> postscript extension and php have to be built within cygwin. but a
> cygwin php cannot be linked against windows binaries and therefor i need
> a cygwin version of mysql, too :(

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