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RE: Running mysql as a service ...

On 19 June 2007 16:58, Tilman SchrÃder wrote:

>>> On Sat, 16 Jun 2007, "Tilman SchrÃder" wrote:
>>>> Hello everyone,
>>>> I just spend some frunstrating hours on figuring out how to run a
>>>> self-compiled cygwin mysql daemon as a service (win xp).

> Thank you for your tips, but I changed the way to achieve my goal ...
> I ported the app to fpdf, a free pdf creation class for php which does
> not require any external library. Then I converted the pdf to postscript
> using ghostscript and then sending the postscript-file to the printer
> using the program printfile ( ... I've
> had enough problems with cygwin and I had lots of problems with
> ghostscript+printfile, too, I am happy now because it just works and
> will work for the next 5 years ...

  To be honest, if you have been having difficulty using mysql to convert files between postscript and pdf, that's probably not actually Cygwin's fault...

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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