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Re: Question about Uninstalling Cygwin FAQ

Dan M wrote:

I am trying to uninstall all of Cygwin.  Per FAQs #17 and #16, I did the

1. Used the DOS cd command to set the Windows Command Prompt to
C:\cygwin (which is where I installed it).
2. Entered cygrunsrv -L in the Windows Command Prompt to list the
services I installed.

After this I got error: 'cygrunsrv' is not recognized as an internal or
external command, operable program or batch file.

My questions:

1. Is it correct to be entering this command in the Windows Command
Prompt as I did?  If not, where should it be entered?
2. Or is the error because cygrunsrv is not installed?
3. If it is because cygrunsrv is not installed, how do I tell what
services I installed?

Run it from Cygwin's bash prompt. Then you are sure you will find it in the path if it's installed. If it's not installed, you can't have installed any services, unless you've subsequently uninstalled 'cygrunsrv'. I think you would have remembered that though. ;-) If not and you need to know that someone hasn't sneaked a service in there on you, install 'cygrunsrv' and perform the listing.

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