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Re: Question about Uninstalling Cygwin FAQ

Dan M wrote:

> I am trying to uninstall all of Cygwin.  Per FAQs #17 and #16, I did the
> following:
> 1. Used the DOS cd command to set the Windows Command Prompt to
> C:\cygwin (which is where I installed it).
> 2. Entered cygrunsrv -L in the Windows Command Prompt to list the
> services I installed.  
> After this I got error: 'cygrunsrv' is not recognized as an internal or
> external command, operable program or batch file.
> My questions:
> 1. Is it correct to be entering this command in the Windows Command
> Prompt as I did?  If not, where should it be entered?

It's correct if \Cygwin\bin is in your Windows PATH, otherwise make that cd to
the bin directory.

> 2. Or is the error because cygrunsrv is not installed?

Could be.  In that case I wouldn't call it an error.

> 3. If it is because cygrunsrv is not installed, how do I tell what
> services I installed?

If you don't have cygrunsrv then you don't have any (Cygwin) services installed.
René Berber

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