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Re: Cygwin and OS X

puce1 wrote:
Can someone tell me if I can do this (easily).

I have Cygwin on my XP machine - and I want it to display a terminal on my
OS X machine.

Do I have to have X11 running on the MAC or is there an easier way ??

If you just want terminal access to your XP box from OS X, install
the 'openssh' package through 'setup.exe', read the README, configure,
and go! ;-)  You'll need a SSH client for OS X if it doesn't have one by
default (sorry, don't know whether it does or not).  But with this you
can open a terminal window on OS X, log into your XP machine via your
SSH client, and access the command line through your Cygwin shell.  No
X connection is required here.  If you want to run Cygwin-X programs
from OS X though, you'll need to launch Cygwin's X-Server.

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