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Re: Cygwin and OS X

puce1 wrote:

[ X11 related questions like this should go to the cygwin-xfree list
instead. ]

> Can someone tell me if I can do this (easily).
> I have Cygwin on my XP machine - and I want it to display a terminal on my
> OS X machine.
> Do I have to have X11 running on the MAC or is there an easier way ??


On Cygwin machine:
1. Install packages openssh,cygrunsrv,xterm (and all dependencies)
2. run ssh-host-config -y
3. start the ssh daemon (cygrunsrv -S sshd)

On OS X machine:
1. start X server
2. open a terminal, make sure DISPLAY is set (e.g. to :0)
3. ssh -Y cygwinusername@cygwinmachinename
4. run xterm, e.g. "xterm &", and it should appear on the OS X desktop

(you can combine 3 and 4 as just 'ssh -YN user@host xterm')

Note that your Cygwin machine is now running a ssh daemon that allows
people to ssh in, so make sure all accounts have good passwords. 
Alternatively, you can disable password authentication in
/etc/sshd_config and use only public key auth.  To do this run
ssh-keygen on the OS X host if you haven't already, and then add the
public key (~/.ssh/id_[dr] to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys of the
Cygwin host.


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