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Re: emacs 22.1?

Brian Dessent schrieb:
> [*] cygport is one of the newest packaging methods and isn't currently
> mentioned on the setup.html page, but it's essentially a refinement on
> the generic-build-script method, so if you understand that then you will
> probably get cygport.

I had a look at cygport and looks really nice. I'll try this.

>> How to mark obsolete packages? In emacs 22.1 leim is integrated. So the
>> extra leim package is obsolete.
> The general method is to upload an empty (but still valid) .tar.bz2 file
> and bump the version number so that the obsolete package is essentially
> removed and replaced by nothing.  You can then change its category to
> "_obsolete" and it will no longer be visible in setup.

Hmmm? I'm not sure if this is a practical solution because the old
emacs-leim package is just obsolete, if a new emacs package is
installed. How can i describe this inter-package dependency?

And a last question: It's not fully clear to me what's the best mailing
list to ask for problems maintaining e.g. the emacs packages or looking
for testers? cygwin? or cygwin-apps?


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