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Re: emacs 22.1?

Steffen Sledz wrote:

> Hmmm? I'm not sure if this is a practical solution because the old
> emacs-leim package is just obsolete, if a new emacs package is
> installed. How can i describe this inter-package dependency?

There's no way to express any version specific requirements.  Once the
old emacs package gets demoted to [prev], it becomes a second class
citizen.  In order to use it the user would have to know to set 'emacs'
to [prev] as well as 'emacs-leim' to [prev] as well (you can state this
in the release announcement.)  Or in other words, upgrading to the v22
emacs package should have the effect of also uninstalling v21
emacs-leim, which is accomplished by installing the new [curr] of both
packages.  Here I'm assuming that having a v22 emacs and a v21
emacs-leim both installed at the same time causes breakage.

You should assume that all users use [curr] versions for all desired
packages, or at least [curr] as of the install date, not necessarily
[curr] as of the current date, and that any user that selects any [prev]
or [exp] version knows exactly what they are doing and are prepared for
breakage.  The setup program and the ini file grammar just do not give
us the freedom to properly express all the required metadata to support
anything else.  There's no way to express "foo version X requires bar,
but foo version X+1 does not" nor "foo version X requires bar version Y
and not version Y-1".

I suppose an alternative might be to just not touch the 'emacs-leim'
package at all, since it looks like it's not required by anything
explicitly so it must be purely optional.  But then users have to know
that if they have v21 emacs-leim installed they must uninstall it before
installing the v22 emacs package, and that's not friendly.  Again
preference should always go to users using straight [curr], not users
who want to use a version that is [prev]; so this is a bad idea.

> And a last question: It's not fully clear to me what's the best mailing
> list to ask for problems maintaining e.g. the emacs packages or looking
> for testers? cygwin? or cygwin-apps?

cygwin-apps@ is for threads about creating packages, maintaining
packages, reviewing the packaging of packages, requesting uploads of
packages, taking over maintainership of packages, etc.  In other words

cygwin@ is for everything else, including user reports of difficulties
using a package.

As far as asking for testers, I suppose technically that should go on
-apps but there isn't very wide readership there compared to the main
list so it could probably go either way.


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