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Help compiling gcc 4.2.0


  I have not been able to find g++ 4.2.0 binaries for Windows/XP on line,
so I am trying to compile g++ from source (groan!).  

My steps so far:
1.  I have installed Cygwin also checking that the following were included:
    - bash (3.2.17-15)
    - binutils (20060817-1)
    - gcc / gcc-core / g++ (3.4.4-3)
    - make (3.81-1)
    For the testsuite:
    - dejagnu (20021217-2)
    - tar (1.16.1-1)
    - expect (20030128-1)
    - tcltk (20060202-1)

2. I have downloaded the following tars into my cygwin/home/src/gcc-4.2.0 
    - gcc-core-4.2.0.tar
    - gcc-g++-4.2.0.tar
    - gcc-testsuite-4.2.0.tar

3. I have set up separate build and target directories:
    - Build:  ~/src/gcc-obj
    - Target: /usr/local/gcc-4.2.0

I am struggling with the infamous unix/dos end-of-line '\r\n' vs '\n'
incompatibilities.  It seems that no matter what shell I use (bash, sh, 
Cygwin, rxvt, dos) that the gnu make utility throws errors when it sees the 
'\r' CR character.  

  Do I have to convert ALL the downloaded files into the unix format 
(dos2unix)? (Yikes!) or is there a global setting that I can use so that 
I don't have to do that.

  I have William von Hagen's book "The Definitive Guide to GCC" and have 
studied the Cygwin and GCC docs but I haven't found a good solution (yet).

  Any help would be appreciated.


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