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Re: emacs 22.1?

On 6/21/2007 5:08 PM, Brian Dessent wrote:
Steffen Sledz wrote:

Hmmm? I'm not sure if this is a practical solution because the old
emacs-leim package is just obsolete, if a new emacs package is
installed. How can i describe this inter-package dependency?

There's no way to express any version specific requirements. Once the old emacs package gets demoted to [prev], it becomes a second class citizen. In order to use it the user would have to know to set 'emacs' to [prev] as well as 'emacs-leim' to [prev] as well (you can state this in the release announcement.) Or in other words, upgrading to the v22 emacs package should have the effect of also uninstalling v21 emacs-leim, which is accomplished by installing the new [curr] of both packages. Here I'm assuming that having a v22 emacs and a v21 emacs-leim both installed at the same time causes breakage.

I don't think it causes breakage. Emacs-leim is installed in a version-specific directory (such as /usr/share/emacs/21.3.50/leim). V22 emacs won't even look there.


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