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Re: Cygwin installation on Windows Server 2003

On 6/22/07, DGFM-dfmsdev5b-Andrew Clark wrote:

Can anyone please confirm whether Cygwin 2.510.2.2 should be installed on
Windows Server 2003 only as a LOCAL ADMIN account, NOT a ADMIN USER or
DOMAIN ADMIN account ?

I have no idea what Cygwin 2.510.2.2 is.

Additionally, is anyone aware of McaFee 8.0i causing Cygwin SSH problems
when installed on Windows Server 2003 - currently SSH keeps receiving the
message ' ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host'
when issuing command 'ssh -v localhost'

For "dodgy apps" see this thread in the archives:

Many thanks in advance of your help.


If it is McAfee, my guess would be with the 'Access Protection' port blocking feature. If you can make changes to that, disable it or look around its log or something.


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