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Re: Reloaded Win XP, now need to reload cygwin - sorta

OK, now I am completely confused.

After bringing up the system, I tried running the cygwin batch file and it
complained about not being able to find the zsh program (I run Z-shell).

So, I figured that I needed to reinstall cygwin.  Hence the question I
previously posted.

Well, I ran the installer and it said that there was nothing to install,
though it did place the shortcut on the desktop.

I ran it and sure enough, now my "xterm" is up on the screen.  I can run
crontab and it shows me my configuration.

But, there the good news ends.  While attempting to modify the crontab
file, it had a permission denied when trying to write my tabs/Vidiot file,
just as it was expected.  As previously posted, I have no idea how to
change the permission of said files.

I also just looked at all of the running processes and I don't see anything
with cron in the process name.  I can see zsh.exe, which I should :-)
But I don't see cron.  I don't remember how that is implemented under XP.

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