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Re: Reloaded Win XP, now need to reload cygwin - sorta

Vidiot wrote:
Jason reponded:

The reason you need to update your permissions is because Windows ties
permissions to a unique SSID for each user.  When you reinstall, even
if you set up the same user names, the SSIDs associated with them are

Ah, a hidden thing I never have had to deal with.

It's not a Windows specific thing. You get exactly the same effect on Unix if you install a new system and end up with a different userid number for an old user name.

I wouldn't know how to change ownership permission of Windoze files, since
I've never had to do it, nor have I ever seen along the lines of chown.

Well, you can just use Cygwin's chown and chmod. They update Windows file ownership and permissions perfectly well. If you need to handle aspects of the Windows permission system that don't map well to the simpler Unix one, you can look into getfacl/setfacl, but if you're only trying to get the permissions right from Cygwin's point of view, that shouldn't be necessary.

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