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Re: Reloaded Win XP, now need to reload cygwin - sorta

Vidiot wrote:

> After bringing up the system, I tried running the cygwin batch file and it
> complained about not being able to find the zsh program (I run Z-shell).

Probably because you had no mount table.

> So, I figured that I needed to reinstall cygwin.  Hence the question I
> previously posted.
> Well, I ran the installer and it said that there was nothing to install,
> though it did place the shortcut on the desktop.

Setup read the file that stores the choices of what packages you've
selected (from the file /etc/setup/installed.db) and saw that this list
corresponds to the most up-to-date versions of those packages available,
so there was nothing for it to install.  But since there was no mount
table, it did recreate that.

> But, there the good news ends.  While attempting to modify the crontab
> file, it had a permission denied when trying to write my tabs/Vidiot file,
> just as it was expected.  As previously posted, I have no idea how to
> change the permission of said files.

Just chown the file, "chown username filename".  In order for this to
work though you might need to recreate your /etc/passwd and /etc/group
files, as that is where Cygwin gets the username <-> SID mapping.  Or
you could just do it in explorer, right click, properties, take

> I also just looked at all of the running processes and I don't see anything
> with cron in the process name.  I can see zsh.exe, which I should :-)
> But I don't see cron.  I don't remember how that is implemented under XP.

You'll have to reinstall any services that you had installed before.

Essentially, to sum up your question: Things that are stored as regular
files survived the reinstall, things that are stored in the registry did
not.  And additionally, Windows considers your new account different
from the previous one, though it may have the same name.


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