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Re: Reloaded Win XP, now need to reload cygwin - sorta

Brian responded:

Sorry about all of the silly questions, though not so silly to me, since
I don't set up cygwin everyday and have only done it once, quite a while
ago.  THerefore I have forgotten most of what I did to set it up in the
first place.

>Probably because you had no mount table.

But that shouldn't be anywhere near the C:\WINDOWS directory.  Permissions
like before?

>Setup read the file that stores the choices of what packages you've
>selected (from the file /etc/setup/installed.db) and saw that this list
>corresponds to the most up-to-date versions of those packages available,
>so there was nothing for it to install.  But since there was no mount
>table, it did recreate that.


>Just chown the file, "chown username filename".  In order for this to
>work though you might need to recreate your /etc/passwd and /etc/group
>files, as that is where Cygwin gets the username <-> SID mapping.  Or
>you could just do it in explorer, right click, properties, take

The chown command work.  I'm guessing that the cygwin installer updated the
password and group files.

Just to see, I did a right-click->properties on the crontab file and another
datafile and there is no such option.  Just the normal read, archive
settings at the bottom and file sizes, etc.

>You'll have to reinstall any services that you had installed before.

Got a web page link to point me to how to restart cron?  The man page for
cron was no help at all, as each of the three locations mentioned to not

The User doc mentiond cygserver.conf, but that file hasn't change since
initial install in April of last year.  There is no cron entry in there.
The comprehensive user guide is not so comprehensive, since service setup
for daemons like cron are not mentioned in the manual.

I reran the /usr/bin/cygserver-config script to reinstall that, though I
never had an entry in there for cron.

The cygserver is now running, but still no cron.

So, I'm at a loss as to what I did the first time around to make cron
operational.  Needless to say, once I get it running, I will make note
of it in a readme file.

>Essentially, to sum up your question: Things that are stored as regular
>files survived the reinstall, things that are stored in the registry did
>not.  And additionally, Windows considers your new account different
>from the previous one, though it may have the same name.

Correct.  In addition, anything installed in c:\WINDOWS was deleted, as
well and any services that were set up.

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