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Re: cygwin on usb problems

On 6/25/07, Brian Dessent <> wrote:
Thorsten Kampe wrote:

> > The last solution I could think of was removing the umask 022 command from
> > the /etc/profile. This (I think) would have the effect of making all new
> > created files having 777 or 666 permissions. However, does this affect files
> > created from scripts or other programs? Or is there another solution to my
> > problem that I haven't thought of?
> Yeah, switch back to FAT. I had the same issue. NTFS without
> permissions is senseless.

It's not senseless.  Even without permissions, NTFS has a lot more going
for it than FAT, such as compression, hard links, non-insane timestamp
accuracy, largefile support, ...

Yes, I was using it for the file compression. With my install of cygwin, it almost halved the installation size, which is very useful when you have a ton of programs on your usb and only 4gb to play with...

To the OP, I think you're looking for CYGWIN=nontsec.

Thanks that worked great! The only problem I had after that was that
existing NTFS permissions were still there, i.e opening a folder using
explorer would be refused when on a wrong computer. I fixed that by
moving all my files onto a fat partition, then back to my ntfs

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