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aux as filename


I have to restore a DVD with a copy of a UNIX filesystem on, on a
Windows NTFS system. I use for that a cygwin cp.

One of the problems is that there are  files on that filesystem with names
like aux.c, aux.h, and This is a problem because aux is a name
reserved by Windows, and because Windows makes no difference
between *aux* and aux.

Whatever cygwin command I issue on those aux.* files, it hangs.
cp, find, mv, ls, and so on, they all "hang" whenever they encounter
the first aux.* file. Perhaps this is because they use stat, and this
underlying stat aux.* hangs.

Why is this? Could cygwin stat not handle this exception, so that
all these commands no longer hang?

Why does it hang? After all, the aux.* file is on
an ISO 9660? file system, not on a NTFS file system.

Eric Blake <> wrote:

This is done in cygwin, using the notion of 'managed mounts'.

Can someone explain me or give me a pointer to documentation how I can use this in my case?

How do we solve this? Due to this exception, I must copy everything
manually for the moment. Time consuming, error prone, prehistorically,
and not the UNIX blast I'm used to.

Best regards,

Francky Leyn

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