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Re: rsync windows hang

----- Original Message ----- From: "Dave Korn"

Trying to get rsync running on Windows. It seems to "hang" when
transferring a certain excel spreadsheet. As far as I can tell the
spreadsheet is not open by anybody and is copyable using `dd`. Hence,
cygwin can read it just fine. Any idea why this might be hanging in

rsync on Windows is using no CPU when it hits this file and it does not

It's far from obvious. Is your anti-virus conceivably interfering? Is the file unusually massive? Can rsync transfer a copy of the file made with dd? Can rsync transfer a copy of the file renamed?

All though this may not be the case here but rsync over ssh is simply unusable under cygwin for the most part. I've tried for years to get it working reliably and its simply not possible I'm afraid.

It seems related to the very slow ssh transfer issue and I suspect
some low level thing to due with buffering and the way sockets
are dealt with in the cygwin core is at fault.

There are two options we've used in the past. rsync in daemon mode
which doesn't use ssh and also doesn't seem to be as unstable or
use SFU version rsync which doesn't seem to have the same issues
and also has very good throughput under ssh as well.

P.S. This is NOT a dig at cygwin as this is not some simple
problem that can be fixed easily its a nasty timing issue thing
by all investigation. Yes it would be nice to see it fixed but
its one part of a very valuable system which work faultlessly
for the most part.

Regards Steve

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